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Last night was the Faint/Brighteyes show.. I was kinda disappointed.. the turn out was pathetic.. and NO ONE DANCED!!!! WTF?! oh well.. I <3 the Faint.. they played my favorite song last :D Bright eyes was good too, but i didn't get to see the whole set.

I also bought Blank Wave Arcadia (best faint album EVER!)

The air finally got fixed and so did the stove and the dishwasher.. it took a total of 2 hours to fix.. but it took me like 3 days to actually get maintance out there. meh..oh well.

I watched the most disturbing movie ever yesterday ..oh shit.. John Water's Pink Flamingo..hahaha jesus christ.. I'd almost say it was as distrubing as that movie KIDS. haha but all in all.. I still like John Waters films alot.. :D

Oh yeah.. So tonight is the Blood Brothers show in St. Pete.. and I'm definatly thinking about going.. :D

John and I have decided to start writing and drawing up "THE VEGAN FORCE" comic.

and uh.. I want another kitty O_O


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