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I made love to your sweet memories

//sorry, I don't even know your name//
1 March
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80's clothing, 80's pop, adult swim, akira, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, all in the family, anime, aqua teen hunger force, art, asian culture, asian films, barbies, beetlejuice, betsey johnson, bettie page, billy idol, black and white photography, blasphamy, body modification, bomberman, buddah, buddhism, burlesque, butt plugs, cabaret, canada, cartoons, casket lottery, catwoman, causey way, cheezy b-list horror, chemicals, cherry blossoms, cherry coke, chicken, cinematography, classic cars, classic pin ups, coalesce, codeseven, comedy central, cooking, corsets, cyndi lauper, dame darcy, dante's inferno, dead alive, dead milkmen, dillinger escape plan, dominatrix, drawing, dvda, earthbound, emo, emo hardcore, family guy, frou frou, futurama, game cube, garter belts, get smart, goldschlager, guns, gwar, hand cuffs, hardcore music, harry potter, hating fashioncore kids, helsing, hermaphrodites, i love lucy, ink and dagger, iron chef, italian food, jack daniels, jager, jennie lee, jesus h. christ, katana swords, keepsake, kids in the hall, kissing, kitties, la france, lady tron, lawn gnomes, leave it to beaver, leftover crack, lingerie, liquid eyeliner, lo mein, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, meatcake comics, modified xbox, monty python films, mountain dew, my chemical romance, my little pony, new orleans, nightmare on elm street, nintendo, nintendo 64, nudes, oleander, orgazmo, outkast, pretty girls make graves, princess peach, revenge, root beer, s & m, salvador dali, sanford and son, screamo, screw drivers, sex toys, slayer, south park, stoli vodka, strangers with candy, suicide club, suicide girls, super nintendo, sushi, tears for fear, tex mex, the faint, the haunting, the little mermaid, the sand man, the simpsons, the unseen, through the looking glass, tight pants, tim burton, transvestites, trigun, troma films, tv land, upright citizens brigade, urban outfitters, vintage beauty, vintage clothing, vintage erotica, vintage models, weed, whips, yoshitaka amano