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funky monkey?.. brass monkey

I bought the fucking beastie boys anthology cd :D:D!!! Its my dad's birthday today (Herpie Birthday PAPPY!!) so I'm in lakeland with my FAMILIA!!! I've spent most of the day trying to hide my tattoo from my dad and playing KOF with Nick (which I might add.. I'm good at..damn good at.. but you can't hope to be as good as me becasue you aren't me.. so FUCK OFF)

My mom told me that FAUST came by my house the other day asking for me.. oh god.. she said he looked high on something..but thats normal for him.. when is he not high. Oh well.. he gave her his phone number so i could call him back...but she "accidently" tore it up..so i have no number.. and just this burning curiousity to know what he wanted.

I also bought Zell a "fear before the march of flames" cd.. because I'm awesome like that. and I picked up Honary Title becasue I wanted to know what they sounded like.. which is EMO.. emo as fuck. but the cover art on there cd is awesome. its a fat panda eatting someones leg.

uh. yeah

the end

<3 me
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