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don't kill me i'm weak ...ZAP

Last night I stayed the night with Zell (which was nice as always) ..except.. those woodpeckers didn't wake me up at 7 in the morning.. i'm so happy!!!

I bought Team America world police uncensored.. its pretty good.. the puppet sex scene.. OH GOD!! Priceless!

SO then I convinced Zell to spend the day with me and I also convinced Kim to not go to work. So we went and saw Episode III and it was FUCKING AMAZING (it was to be expected). I almost cried at certain parts (because I'm a fucking EMOTIONAL PUSSY!!!) ..one of the best scenes was Samuel L. Jackson fighting the Empire..hahaha oh god.. hahahahaha

So after the movie.. I almost got us in a bad accident .. pulling out infront of a SUV is never good. O.O

Then Zell DROVE us to Toys r us.. and me and him decided we are gonna get married then move to japan and live down the street from NINTENDO headquarters. :D

Kim and I had sushi for dinner... she took a nap.. and I watched Team America

...OH YEAH!!!...

I also got an add on to my tattoo yesterday .. I GOT BOWSER!!!! muhahahah
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yeah sorry for the crappiness of the picture but its really hard to take a picture of it since its kinda on the back of my arm.
Slowly I'm getting my nintendo half sleeve. :D

I also might be apprentacing to do tattoos at To the Point Tattoos in lakeland soon with Craig :D

anyways today was good.


P.S. I miss John I wish he'd come back from the beach already
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