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So, I'm getting in my parents car today go to see the new house.. when I look over into the front yard and notice 6 potbelly pigs digging up the front yard.....

I was like... WTF?!WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE PIGS IN THE FRONT YARD?!!!?! first off my mom's house is in the CITY... and free range pigs aren't a common sight. Free range ghetto chickens yes... free range piggys NO!

hahaha.. so now I'm waiting for the Bartow Sheriffs Department to come to the house so I can be like "hey buddy, there are piggys out in my lawn" ...except my mom called them like an hour and a half ago.. and no one has shown up. FUCKING PIGS!.. [excuse to pun]


I want to be an explorer :D:D..and find hidden treasures..

the end.

<3 mez

p.s. zell bought me roses yesterday.. for no reason.. random flowers make me smile big.
I have the best boyfriend.
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