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24 hr. SUSHI

I still haven't gotten my GOD DAMN DEVIL HOODIE from Ebay!!! Its been like a month already..maybe a little bit more than a month. ARGH!!!

I made Zell go with me to Lameland today to pick up Kim. Kim found a C3PO standee at FYE.. so I BOUGHT IT!!!.. Now our living room is referred to as the "Robot Lounge" (because we now have 2 robot standees in it)

I also FINALLY got that Kidney Thieve CD I wanted..and another Beck CD. :D:D

I want to open a 24 hr. Sushi resturant ..perhaps a themed sushi place (Dylan and I use to talk about opening a star wars sushi place! hahaha)


i'm fucking tired.

<3<3 Zell <3<3
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