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the sweet smell of the pit reminds me of home

Last night was the UnderOath show... hahaha JESUS CHRIST!!! Those Christian fucks sure know how to tear it up!

The crowd was like one huge mosh pit..hahaha (didn't help that Zells dad was like "I hold you responsible if anything bad happens to Zell")
No..but zell took it well.. he even got kicked in the face a few times (the shoe print on your face was damn hot!!!)

I got sucked into an actual mosh pit a few times.. GOD! I've forgotten how good it feels to be in one..

I can't really remember the last mosh i was in.. I'm sure it was probably some punk show.
[side note: KIM!! do you remember the Voodoo Glow Skulls mosh pit with Kris, You and Me? HAHAHAHA FUCK YAH!!]

I thought they were going to have a longer set but they only played like 6 or 7 songs. meh.. It was still really good. Everyone was going NUTZ! haha I'm still really sore from it all.

June 1st is the FAINT & BRIGHT EYES show!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! DANCE PARTY!!!!!!


oww..my spine..


:D zell <3<3
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