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Yo bitches ain't that wack!

Well I'm at the beach and I've managed to spend a FUCK load of money =)

I'm passing my time glued to the TV playing Star Wars Battlefront which is quickly becomming one of my favorite games to play. (thanks Zell for getting me addicted)


I found the chainsaw resident evil 4 game cube controller at GameStop today!!!! So i bought it, unfortunatly I promised John that i would buy it for him first.. so that one is going to him. I can find it at another gamestop they are starting to carry it..

I also bought Puyo pop fever for the DS! its a puzzle game and its fucking addictive as FUCK! uh... I went to PacSun today and found some kick ass jeans in a SIZE 7 so i bought them.. they make my ass look DAMN FINE! hahaha

I've also been on the search for some good comics to read while i'm here but no luck.. I checked the local comic book story but they didn't have anything good. Its werid walking in to D & D headquarters! (Behold the magical power of the 12 sided dice!!!) hahahaha

I lost my Pedro the Lion cd.. and I don't fucking know how. :/ GOD DAMNIT!!!

I bought you that damn joker shirt you've been eyeing for EVER.. in a XS so praise me because I love you!

I swear my mom is going to be pissed at me because I'm NOT spose to use the credit card.. but i have.. and boy have i ever.. I would like to not be around when she gets the bill for that!

I've actually only gone to the beach like once since I've been here.. mainly because its been raining like fuck cats and dogs... I guess its a good thing.. NO SKIN CANCER FOR THE EMILYZ!!! hahaha



I'll be back Sunday night I think.. so see you then..


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