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I discovered a band that I really like now,its called "Pedro the Lion" its really mellow and its like a combination of Interpol and The Get up kids. Yeah.. I want to get a cd by "The Shins" they are pretty good too.

I wish I had my jello shots (but I had to go and forget them in Tampa)


I found some black and pink heart low heel shoes at Ross today.. very very cool looking (I totally plan on selling them on ebay)

I'm going to start selling random clothing on ebay soon..I need some extra cash. blah.

this entry is bullshit ..but whatever fucking deal with it.

P.S. Just so you know.. I am NOT a scene fuck... never have been never will be.

What the fuck makes someone scene? I'm not fashionable.. I don't get drunk and fuck random people..I'm not full of myself... I don't classify myself by the music I listen to.... I just don't get it.. someone please explain it to me.
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